About MuD

What’s MuD? :

MuD is a mindful little design house that specializes in handcrafted, polymer clay & jesmonite statement pieces, in the sunny Okanagan. 

The handmade process is a slow and beautiful one. Each piece involves: sketching & designing, colour blending, conditioning, shaping & curing, sanding,(more sanding), buffing or resin, and assembly - all by hand! Its a slow and intentional process, but hey, what kid didn't want to grow up and play with MuD?

MuD uses surgical steel & gold plated findings that are all nickel free! Polymer is a fantastically light and durable material for accessories & jesmonite has a minimal environmental footprint. Together these two materials come together to build a portfolio of MuD treasures that can be cherished for decades to come. 

MuD works incredibly hard to ensure it maintains a small environmental footprint. Shopping locally first for materials, using repurposed, recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable packaging and ensuring no bits of Polymer or Jesmonite goes to waste - reworking and repurposing all ‘scraps’. Mindfully made, with love and intention, always.

Thanks heaps for supporting a small local business, it truly means the world. I hope these little pieces of MuD spark joy in your life, I know they have have in mine.

 xx Anna