Jewelry Care & Cleaning


MuD is handmade with love for you to love. A few tips to ensure you have a long and happy life with your polymer pieces:

- please avoid dropping or throwing in your drawer/luggage/purse as they are clay and though polymer is strong, it can break. I recommend storing the earrings inside the MuD drawstring pouch or in a special little designated jewellery spot. Please handle with care. 

- Though the beach and pool are fun, your MuD earrings unfortunately would rather stay at home. They are more like to come off and get lost whilst playing at the beach and the pools chlorine will cause the metals holding your darlings together to rust.   

- MuD earrings are pretty comfy cozy, but please refrain from sleeping with them in as they can break or cause extra wear and tear. 

- for a long and happy MuD life, try your darnedest to store them in a cool and dry environment, as polymer may fade slightly over time in direct sun.  For those pieces with a glossy UV resin finish, be extra cautious to store your pieces away from direct sun, as resin may yellow slightly with prolonged direct exposure. 



Clay pieces: wipe with a damp cloth with a touch of soap and water or use a q-tip with oil free makeup remover.

Brass: Brass can tarnish over time, use a few drops of brasso or metal polish on a cloth or a jewelry cloth on its own, and rub till clean to bring back its original shine.